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"We Make Your Smart Meter Intelligent"

  • Easy but secured login and registration
  • We suggest you get your most recent energy bill to assist in making this a simple process.
  • Easy setup for alerts: Alert consumers of bill due dates to eliminate last charges, disconnect notice fees, and disconnect/reconnect fees, and contract expiration or contract renewal to eliminate default rates, which are alway much higher than your past rate and a rate you can receive in a new contract.
  • PTM access your smart meter data in 15 mintue intervals (usage profiles vary from hourly, daily,and monthly) and applies it to varouis rate structures, rate terms and rates to compare consumer’s current cost to real time rates, and 3,6,9,12 month fixed rate costs.
  • This mobile application engage various other resources to get and properly present essential metrics that helps a consumer decide on their rate plans and demand response opportunities.