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 Do you have a smart meter?

 If you live in, operate a business (<700kw), or manage government facilities located in the state of Texas, and pay an electric energy bill to a Retail Electric Provider (REP, such as TXU, Reliant, Direct Energy, ETC.) the answer is yes, you have a smart meter. You are paying $3-$4 per month, depending on your service area (TDSP such as Oncor, CenterPoint, ETC.) for your smart meter and access to Smart Meter Texas (SMT). These smart meters/advance meter systems, were regulatory mandated to better manage the power grid/smart grid from generation/resource to consumer/end user and to help foster Time of Use and Market rates. These rate plans will incentive consumers to reduce their usage doing high demand periods.

Now you can get your moneys’ worth by downloading and using POWER TO MANAGE, a fully automotive FREE mobile App, created and developed by DRF Industries, LLC (DRF) and its leadership. The creation of the App was by way of, DRF partnering with community organizations, PUC’s Power to save, Smart Meter Texas as a 3rd Party Account Agency, ERCOT as an Independent Market Information System Registered Entity (IMRE), registered Power Marketer, and is categorized as an Energy Efficiency Service Provider (EESP) by PUC Substantive rules definition. DRF offers ERCOT market, smart grid, and smart technology education and training to low income consumers who receive utility assistance from community partners. DRF has offered this service for the past three years to hundreds of consumers. While providing the services, DRF collected data from participants by Pre-surveys, Post surveys, bill audits, and personal interactions. The results of the data revealed that over 97% of the consumers over paid electric cost by an average of 40%.

 After training, the participants were better prepared to manage their power by reducing consumption and energy cost. Also as in most cases, went consumer become aware of dollars wasted, they change their behaviors to save.  Do to the reductions in funding for utility assistance programs, to reach more consumers, and give consumers continuous support/awareness, DRF has taken its’ education and training events, data collected from event participants, PUC consumer complaints, and other market data, and our years of experience to create a FREE mobile App that will assist residential and non-residential consumers in managing their power, reducing their electric power cost, sure up customer service, where some Retail Electric Providers (REP) may lack and continuous education and training. This App is tailored for the entire Texas Choice market with no specific REP in mind.





ERCOT Retail Choice Market Flow

                                         DRF Business Flow

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"We Make Your Smart Meter Intelligent"

ERCOT has a wholesale and a retail component, that make up the entire market. Power To Manage navigates both components for the consumers. Let me explain using the figure above.

  • Retail Electric Providers (REP), noticed in the top right, go to the wholesale power market to purchase power from power plants located in your ERCOT zone.
  • After a REP secure power contacts, they then offer power rates and terms to retail consumers by way of internet, Brokers, Aggregators, media outlets, and print ads. Power To Manage receive rates, terms and rate structures from REPs and ERCOT.
  • Now all residential and nonresidential consumers in the ERCOT choice market has a Smart Meter, the consumer can now optimize their rate selections to be more favorable for savings. Power To Manage access your Smart Meter data in 15 min. intervals and calculates it with the rates, terms and rate structures to give the consumer a comparable cost. This will assist in switching rates, and or provides.
  • From the power plant through the substations, along the transmission and distribution lines, through your smart meter, the Transmission and Distribution Providers maintain and bill the REPs for each consumers TDSP cost. This cost for residential consumer is aggregated in most cases with the energy charge, and separate energy and TDSP charges for non-residential consumers, but in all cases passed through without markup.




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